Hello, I’m Kenny.
I am a UX/UI Designer.

Technology surrounds us in our everyday life. Well-designed technologies enable humankind to do things that can only be limited by their imagination.

The importance of creating great experience is this: when a product is sensible in design and functionality, its design feels invisible. It just works. A poorly-made one, however, will annoy their users.

I have always been a curious person. When I got my first computer and used it for some time, this thought came to my mind: “Why is it designed this way?”

That simple thought made me want to learn the reasons behind design choices. My curiosity and passion to make technology easy to use and able to empower people drives me into who I am today.

I have graduated from Information Systems major, User Experience minor at Binus University.

Over the past few years, I have designed solutions that fulfills my client’s needs and also competed in international competitions with products that aligns with UNs Sustainable Development Goals.

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